Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuff and nonsense.

The sewing project I completes about...oh, ten minutes ago. I made one for Isabella and one for my niece, Sophia. I am officially addicted to applique. It rocks my world.

The things that perpetuate my nightstand. I would like to point out that the planner is NOT because I fancy myself so popular and important...but because my daughter is busier than I am and I suffer from occasional bouts of mommy-brain moments where I forget stuff. Chocolate (one is opened and half eaten, yep.) The two books I have neglected because I became so enthralled with reading The Help, and a framed picture of me and the love of my life at a baseball game.

Sidenote: This framed picture was gifted to me by the man himself...I went on a trip with my family, and when I returned I was greeted with a bag brimming with good chocolate and this framed picture. All together now ''awwwwwww"

He does stuff like that for Isabella too. He likes to ''spoil his girls''

He doesn't have any brothers...sorry.

My favorite magazine to flip through.

My four all-time favorite things I found for $1

1. Red polka-dot Nine West clutch. Inside is a chain you can use if you're not in the clutchin' mood. I swoon.

2. Vintage silver spoons I found at an antique shop in the Ozarks. I'm putting them in a shadow box, which will one day hang in my kitchen.

3. Laser buttons. I love these! They have 30's looking faces on them. I will use them to spruce up a cardigan for Isabella this fall.

4. Vintage hankies. I go ape-bananas over vintage hankies. I have about a dozen of them and dream of sewing one of those vintage hankerchief banners.

Things I keep in my purse or on my person:

1. Envirosax reusable shopping bags. They are awesome. Get some. These particular bags are adorable, they are in pastel colors and have recipes and cleaning tips on them along with cute pictures. The website has SO MANY styles to choose from. I want more. I'm greedy, albeit conscious of the environment.

2. GermX wipes. I had an entire bag-full given to me by my dearest friend and college mate after I embarrassed her by wiping down our desks every morning. I will say, neither she nor I ever got the flue that year.

They live in my purse and always will. And all God's people said Amen.

3. A pocket dictionary. What? I have a thing about dictionaries. There's nothing more humiliating than the mispelling or the mispronouncing...or *visible shudder* the misuse of a word. I have a dictionary app. on my phone too...but what if the battery died?!

A few things I obsess over. Burts Bees tinted lip balm, adds a touch of color and keeps my lips super soft. Persian Rose perfume, I have only been able to find it at Earthfare, but I adore the scent, it is lovely and light and smells just like a rose. I'm almost out which makes me sad. Lastly, grey nail polish. I love this grey nail polish. It is sleek and shiny and makes me feel hip. It actually lasts a few days before chipping and it's a neutral so it goes with everything...double score!

My two favorite articles of jewelry. My feather earrings and the pendent necklace which is actually my mom's...I have adopted it and am hoping she won't notice until the papers are signed and things are official.

What I am sewing for myself right now. I'm a sucker for vintage style clothing patterns. I'm currently making the black one on the left out of turquiose linen.