Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love.

Today was hectic. Isabella had to be dropped off, and picked up from school, she had a doctors appointment, I had loose ends to tie up before MY school starts back on Thursday, paperwork to pick up, Bella's prescription to drop off, insurance is no longer accepted at Walgreens so new pharmacy to find-ugh!

But tonight was simple. Pizza. Home. Family.

Oh, how I love simple. It is my very most favorite of all.

Isabella received a late Christmas gift...princess bingo! Oh and let me just say, we love princess bingo. Our sweet feller played too, of course. It's so much fun to listen to children talk while they're playing a game. They like to make up rules.

As usual, Jasper also joined in. He always has his snout in the middle of everything. I love this dog. If you don't pet him, he becomes most displeased and will waggle his muzzle even harder under your hand or into your leg. It works like a charm. Could not resist it even if I tried, and I don't ;-)

My man and I sported similar mu-mu pants...he showed up at the house in his mu-mu...isn't that the greatest thing? I love it when he does that. I love that he loves to come over just to lounge around with Isabella and me and play princess bingo. It's just another one of the little ways he shows me he loves spending time with us.

The littlest things can mean so much, can't they?

Littlest doesn't look like correct spelling when you type it out.

Isabella battled and fought her bedtime for three hours tonight. Three. Hours.

I am exhausted.

I am lucky.

I also love, that just now, out of the blue, he sent me a goodnight e-mail telling me how much he loves my creepy and socially awkward trick I do where I make it look like I'm sewing up my lip, and my Billy-Bob Thornton face, and my Ugliest-Face-Trick-Of-All: The Lipless Wonder

That these things have not 'done runned dat man clean off' is a wonder.

That was the best e-mail of all.

Perhaps, maybe, it probably just might be the best night of all.