Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am so glad that I snap pictures of Isabella whenever she is actually sleeping soundly. It is a nice reminder of the good ole days.
When she actually used to sleep.

But lately? Lately sleep has been something of a commodity.

She fights.

She plays.

She comes out of her room a LOT.

It's discouraging...especially when you know you have things to do, and bedtime is the only time you get to yourself. Sometimes I just get so frustrated....and then I feel guilty as soon as I see her sleepy cheeks.

But you want to know the hardest part of all? As soon as she IS asleep...I just want to go get her. Hold her, smell her, snuggle her.

If that is my only plight...I suppose I'm doing pretty well.

But my oh my...just sleep for momma like you used to...please?