Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just stuff

I've been lazy lately, which typically would suit me just fine...but I've been feeling a pressing need to be productive before school starts back. I have been working hard to try and improve my applique skills. This is a practice shirt I made the other day...I take a picture every time to document my progress...but boy howdy I wasn't prepared for how much my baby's face ages and changes in just short weeks :(

She has completely lost her baby face and is morphing into full-on kid phase :( I'm just not ready. I just birthed her...she just learned to sit up on her own! This just can't be happening.

Being a mommy is a cruel kind of blessing. It hurts and feels good all at the same time.

Lately it seems like a big ole storm cloud of Tremendous Life Stress has been hovering over me. I've done well to shoulder it, and I've always been rather proud of handling things on my own...but slowly and surely my sweet fella has stepped in to be of assistance. He knew better than to swoop in and play hero. My stubborn nature would have immediately balked at that...but he has slowly been inching in and shouldering some of my worries, taking care of little things here and there because he said he didn't want me to go through things on my own. He has patiently and steadily dealt with my insecurities and loved me through it all. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

But that's a whole other blog post :)