Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Since my last blog post I have:

Turned 25.

Survived mid-terms.

Broken a rib.

Made lots of things.

Opened an Etsy shop that I never post products in because school owns me.

Gone on a couple of fun trips with my sweet fella who I love more than cake with buttercream frosting and stilletto heels.

Developed an unhealthy addiction to Pintrest.

Written about 35 katrillion things down for grades on subjects that I don't like.

Realized that it's 4 weeks until finals.

Chewed all my nails off after realization set in.

Then cried.

Rinse and repeat.

Isabella has:

Completed her first entire season of soccer.

Went trick-or-treating as the most adorable Cinderella I have ever seen.

Made lots of things.

Won a trophy that she loves to hold up in the air.

Changed her mind about soccer and wants to be a musician.

Contracted some creepy bumps from being around other children at preschool. (supposedly this is normal?!)

Got them burned off.

Got more creepy bumps.

Was briefly traumatized.

Is fine now, watching Wow Wow Wubzy in my bed and has really dirty feet.

There's more, a whole lot more...but for some reason I'm having trouble remembering much beyond my full name right now, and considering how long my name is, that feels like an accomplishment.

We have definitely been busy little bees...and now that it is November it's about to get even busier! We have officially started our holiday crafting. So bring on the fingernails coated in glitter and glue, the paint on my jeans, and the modge-podge in my hair. I'm so ready. Bring it on. BRING IT ON I TELL YA! Erm..sorry, I have an awkward tendency to get overly excited about anything regarding Christmas.

It's tradition, every year I make handprint turkeys with my gal. This year though, Isabella did everything herself . She's very proud of signing her name, though, I guess we need to work on writing the 's' in the right direction. These cute little gobblers will soon be winging their way to family members as a little Thanksgiving greeting.

This is today, this very afternoon. She broke my heart because she didn't want me to go to school, so I promised her that when I got home we would do a craft, and as soon as I walked in the door, she was ready :) I have been saving her shoeboxes to make "treasure chests" and today seemed like the perfect day to break 'em out and get 'em started. She concentrated very hard and has decided to give them as gifts which broke my heart wide open again because this little girl just loves to give things to people. Oh, notice the red on her cheek? Yeah. Markers. Not such a great idea.

I can't wait to get started on CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!!!! Erm...sorry again. I can't seem to curb this urge to yell when it comes to the mere mention of Christmas. I guess some things you just never grow out of.