Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm home alone for the weekend. Typically I relish some alone time...but my parents live in the boonies and their darned dog barks at loud motorists and darkness.

Ima a little skeered here by myself at night.

I have been distracting myself by browsing Etsy...and I want these.

Earrings are a real weakness.

I put Isabella to bed roughly and hour ago...and I can still hear her upstairs running laps around her room. It makes me giggle that she thinks if her light is out, then I can't hear her. It sounds like a buffalo is tap dancing over my head.

I'm about to turn on some of these guys

I could never get tired of them.

Am I the only old-fashioned fart that still goes out and purchases an actual cd of the band I love? Something about physically owning it feels better to me than just having it on a playlist on some device. I am very old-fashioned.

I get on my nerves.

I love record stores and I was sad when my Blockbuster went out of business. I also have an irrational fear of road-side produce stands becoming obsolete.

I rented (yes, rented. As in, went out, browsed and procured) a couple of movies tonight, so in the words of my dear friend from Washington "Now is the time for brownies!''